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About Anne Chatfield

Anne Chatfield

Greetings and thank you for visiting my website. I assume you are here because you want to learn a little about me, my real estate business and why you should consider working with me? 

I work with Buyers, Sellers, Renters and Landlords. I help people every day with their real estate needs and I feel that my real estate services are some of the best in the industry. As a Realtor I strive and believe in having great communication with my clients. I will respond promptly to your phone calls, texts or emails- even if to say I will get back to you soon or let me find out the answer to that question. If there are others in the transactions such as lenders, attorneys, insurance agents they too receive a prompt response because we are all working with your best interest in mind!

A little about my brokerage: Hillman Homes in Newton is a boutique real estate office with 12 individual Realtors. It’s great because it allows me be an entrepreneur and manage all of my transactions. You will see me at all the appointments, showings, closings, inspections, etc. It allows my client to rely on me to communicate, facilitate and manage the transaction and provide referrals for services! 

I have a strong background in the title and escrow industry- I was an escrow officer for 15 plus years in Northern California. The knowledge I obtained in that industry is very important in real estate transactions. If there is a title issue I am able to clearly explain to my client what the issue is and how it can be resolved. I assisted a client obtain over half a dozen mortgage discharges because they were never received or recorded. 

I am also very familiar with 1031 exchanges due to my experience as a 1031 exchange coordinator. While I can provide an investor with the suggestion to consider a 1031 exchange, I would definitely rely on the 1031 exchange company to go over all their options. 

My primary focus in the real estate market is Middlesex County, more specifically North West of Boston, such as Woburn, Burlington, Lexington, Concord, Winchester, Arlington, Somerville, Medford and Cambridge. If you need assistance in other towns please do reach out as I have people to connect you with who can help you!

As a Realtor, I am constantly networking and meeting people which is great because it leads to a lot of resources. I also enjoy making connections and helping other professionals with their business. 

Let me show you - Not All Realtors are the Same! 

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